“…too big to fail has become too big for trial”

USA Senator Elizabeth Warren  at her first Senate banking committee hearing: "...tell me a little bit about the last time you've taken the biggest financial institutions on Wall Street all the way to trial. Anybody?" Check the answers in the video. "You know, I just want to note on this. There are district attorneys and U.S. attorneys … Continue reading “…too big to fail has become too big for trial”


TYR 10 January 2013 reads

Is American Justice Dead? @ Casey Research American justice on a slippery slope. "Few recent cases make the contention clearer than the announcement last week by the US Justice Department that it had settled its case against HSBC for acting as the bag men for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels. The fine, $1.9 billion, amounts to … Continue reading TYR 10 January 2013 reads