La Nit de Sant Joan

La nit de Sant Joan, és nit d’alegria Estrellat de Flors, L’estiu ens arriba De mans d’un fillet que li fa de guia. Primavera mor, l’hiverm es retira. Si arribes l’amor, mai mes moriría. Yesterday night was the Nit de Sant Joan and Jaume Sisa composed this song in its honour. Jaume Sisa, composer and … Continue reading La Nit de Sant Joan


Alexandra Leaving, Alexandria Lost

Suddenly the night has grown colder. The God of love preparing to depart. Alexandra hoisted on his shoulder, They slip between the sentries of the heart. ... ... ... Even though she sleeps upon your satin; Even though she wakes you with a kiss. Do not say the moment was imagined; Do not stoop to … Continue reading Alexandra Leaving, Alexandria Lost

Is there life on Mars? Of course.

"Life on Mars?" is a song by David Bowie first released in 1971 on the album Hunky Dory and also released as a single. Neil McCormick of The Daily Telegraph ranked it as #1 in his 100 Greatest Songs of All Time list. He also commented on the song: "A quite gloriously strange anthem, where the combination of stirring, yearning melody and … Continue reading Is there life on Mars? Of course.

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

When he was about 60 Leonard Cohen (LC) decided to withdraw from public life and spend a long time in a Zen monastery in California. Meanwhile, somewhere else, his accountant was stealthily removing his earthly possessions, perhaps trying to help & foster LC's spiritual quest. Who knows, but coming back from deep meditative bliss LC has … Continue reading Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen