TYR 30 November 2012 reads

‘Revolutionary’ eavesdropping technology patent to help governments monitor Internet chats @ Kurzweilai.net ...assuming it ever was, VOIP privacy is now gone. Rice unveils super-efficient solar-energy technology @ Kurzweilai.net Rice University "scientists have unveiled a revolutionary new technology that uses silicon dioxide/gold nanoshells and N115 carbon nanoparticles to convert solar energy directly into steam. The technology has an overall energy efficiency of … Continue reading TYR 30 November 2012 reads


When…”we’re no longer the smartest things around”

IBM simulates 530 billion neurons, 100 trillion synapses on supercomputer @ Kurzweilai.net ...the race towards a true artificial intelligence organism goes on. Please check also the Blue Brain Project at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. 'Center For Study Of Existential Risk,' Proposed Research Group, Wants To Examine Evil Computers @ Huffington Post ...meanwhile, at Cambridge University a new research center … Continue reading When…”we’re no longer the smartest things around”

AI passing a Turing Test by 2029 is a “conservative” goal, says Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil is arguably today’s most influential technological visionary. A pioneering inventor and theorist, he has explored for decades how artificial intelligence can enrich and expand human capabilities. Now, in his new book How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed, he takes this exploration to the next step:  reverse-engineering the brain to understand precisely … Continue reading AI passing a Turing Test by 2029 is a “conservative” goal, says Ray Kurzweil